Before Cyberpunk: Video Games that Changed the World -- Jan 03
Sony has pulled Cyberpunk 2077 after complaints from players saying it has been riddled with bugs and glitches.

Some also complained that it is prone to crashes. Microsoft assured a refund to any Xbox player who may be dissatisfied.

CD Projekt Red, the developer, has agreed to issue patches to enhance the game for players who did not return the game. The game's return date to the PlayStation is still unclear at the moment, but you can expect an official statement from Sony. On the other hand, Microsoft has decided not to pull down the game; hence they will be refunding dissatisfied players.

For gaming enthusiasts, we look at other video games that changed the world before the popular Cyberpunk. As classic casino games have made their way to modern online platforms you can play on the Betway88 casino, one of the leading brands in the industry.

PacMan [1982]

It was licensed by Japan’s Atari in 1982. It is considered among the first consoles to bring the best gaming experience to peoples’ homes. The game may be considered prehistoric at the moment, but with its simplicity, it was the best-selling game until 1992.

Space Invaders [1982]

The game entails a fixed-shooter and has proven an inspiration to date due to its famous street artist Invader. The Invader pits a cannon moving horizontally against the always-descending army of invaders.

Super Mario Bros [1985]

In the history of video games, the hyperactive little plumber known as Super Mario has been an inspiring character for generations. Super Mario debuted in the first game that allows characters to move horizontally via an evolving landscape.

Super Mario Kart [1995]

It is a racing game that allows multiple players to experience. The game is credited with creating its own subgenre of video games. The game has been launched in eight versions so far. Nintendo Wii, launched in 2008, is bestselling a racing game to date.

Street Fighter II [1995]

The Japanese fighting game is popular among gamers. In 1995, it came to Nintendo's GameBoy, and over the years, it has been launched in multiple forms. It may have come long before Betway88, but it remains one of the top video games to this day.

Doom [1993]

It is ranked as one of the first-ever first-shooter games in the history of video games. The player is the space marine tasked with fighting demons along his way to a transporter that will get him off a plagued moon base.

FIFA [1993]

The game is the best-selling sports video game in the industry. The latest hyper-realistic editions offer players choices of teams, stadiums, players, coaches, and leagues. Such features ensure that the game stays on top of the list when it comes to video game experience.

Grand Theft Auto [1997]

The game is best known for its violence since the player can fire towards police officers and run over prostitutes. The game is considered the first to popularize the “open world” notion. Players are allowed to go off-piste to discover and interrelate with other characters whenever they wish. It is remembered as one of the games that were played by adults only.

Zelda [1998]

Players refer to it as one of the greatest games that have ever been created. It boasts a well-detailed environment and a compound storyline that make it something of an artistic accomplishment.

Other notable mentions include Minecraft [2011], Fortnite [2017], and many more. The games are considered the pacesetters of the current and future innovations.

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