Japan's oldest pro soccer player renews contract

NHK -- Jan 11
The oldest active player in Japan's professional soccer league has renewed his contract. Miura Kazuyoshi will turn 54 during the upcoming season.

Yokohama FC said on Monday that it had renewed the contract with Miura. He signs a contract at 11:11 a.m. on January 11 every year after his jersey number of 11.

The striker has been playing since the J-League was launched in 1993.

He played in four games in the J1 Division last season, setting a record for the oldest person to play in the top division at the age of 53 years, 9 months and 23 days.

Attention is on whether he will break his own record as the oldest professional soccer player to score a goal.

In a statement posted on the Yokohama FC website, Miura said the coronavirus pandemic made him feel the joy of playing soccer stronger than usual.

He also said that while the previous season felt unsatisfactory, his passion for the sport keeps growing.

He added that he wants to play in more games in the next season and contribute to his club's victory.