Info on school jobs in Japan to be opened to companies

Japan Times -- Jan 11
The Japanese education ministry has opened a section on its website providing information on jobs at schools in the country as a way of supporting efforts to maintain employment by companies affected by the fallout of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Local education boards and others will upload specific information on jobs at schools to the site to seek applications from companies. If agreements are reached, corporate employees will work at the schools part time or on loan from the firms.

The move came after education minister Koichi Hagiuda announced last month a plan to create such a job-matching system, apparently having in mind the possibility of the system being used for flight attendants from Japanese airlines, which have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

At a news conference Friday, Hagiuda called on schools to actively use the initiative, saying, "The system will provide good opportunities for utilizing know-how and expertise accumulated by companies for school education."

Both public and private educational institutions, ranging from kindergartens to universities, are allowed to release information on a wide range of jobs on the website, such as teachers, assistants for English education, information and communications technology assistants and business etiquette lecturers, officials of the ministry said. Many such jobs will not require a teaching license, according to the officials.

- Japan Times