Japan to suspend entry of all foreigners

NHK -- Jan 13
The Japanese government plans to suspend the entry of all foreigners as the coronavirus continues to spread around the world.

Japan halted all new arrivals of non-nationals last month after new strains of the coronavirus that are believed to be highly transmissible were confirmed in the UK and elsewhere.

But it continued to allow entry by businesspeople from 10 Asian countries and Taiwan.

The government plans to suspend the entry of travelers, regardless of whether a coronavirus variant has been detected in their country, as part of its tighter entry restrictions following the declaration of a state of emergency.

No foreigners will be allowed to enter Japan, except for special reasons, such as a relative's funeral or childbirth.

Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said last week he plans to ban travel to and from countries and territories where a new strain of the coronavirus has been confirmed.

But members of his party and others described the measure as confusing.


政府は中国や韓国など11の国と地域で実施しているビジネス関係者らの往来を一時停止する方針を固めました。  国内で緊急事態宣言が発令されているほか、新型コロナの変異種が各国で確認されていることを踏まえ、判断に至りました。  自民党幹部によりますと、緊急事態宣言の発令期間に合わせる形で来月7日まで全面停止するということです。 - ANNnewsCH