Japan further tightens quarantine measures

NHK -- Jan 14
The Japanese government is stepping up coronavirus countermeasures for people entering the country.

Starting Thursday, all people entering Japan will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival and keep location data on their devices amid a rapid surge of infections in the country.

The government says violators could have their names and other personal information made public and foreigners could have their resident status revoked.

To tighten virus countermeasures, Japan suspended entry of all foreigners in principle from Thursday.

Japanese nationals and foreigners with resident status are allowed into the country. But they will be asked to agree to self-quarantine measures.

They must promise not use public transportation systems and stay at home or at other accommodation facilities for two weeks after arrival.

They must also preserve location data obtained by such devices as a smartphone GPS function, and submit such data if requested by a health center or other relevant authority.

Those who do not submit to the conditions will be asked by quarantine officials to stay at a designated location for 14 days.

Those who violate the agreement may be held at facilities designated by quarantine authorities. Their names and nationalities could be made public. In cases of foreigners who violate the rules, they may be subject to the revocation of their resident status and deportation.