Japan's new university entrance exams underway amid virus pandemic

Japan Times -- Jan 16
Japan’s new unified university entrance exams started Saturday across the country, with organizers taking anti-coronavirus measures, such as requiring test-takers to wear masks and disinfect their hands, and ensuring that venues are well ventilated.

The exams, which replaced the National Center Test for University Admissions, drew a total of 535,245 applicants and are taking place at 681 venues, according to the National Center for University Entrance Examinations.

A record 866 universities, colleges and junior colleges will use the results in their screening processes, the center said.

Geography, history, civics, Japanese and foreign languages were on a list of exams for Saturday, while science and mathematics tests are to take place on Sunday.

The new exams will also be held on Jan. 30 and 31 for third-year high school students whose studies were interrupted due to the temporary closures of schools last year triggered by the coronavirus outbreak.

At the University of Tokyo’s Hongo campus in Bunkyo Ward on Saturday morning, mask-wearing exam-takers waited in line while keeping about 1 meter apart and proceeded quietly as the gates opened at 8 a.m. - Japan Times

大学入試センター試験に代わる大学入学共通テストが16日から始まります。コロナ禍のテストでは受験生に様々な配慮がなされています。  今年の共通テストは約53万5000人が16日、17日の第1日程と30日、31日の第2日程に分かれて受験します。  出願者の大半が挑む第1日程は、新型コロナ対策が徹底されるなか、全国の681会場で行われます。  コロナ禍の受験生に配慮して、出願した試験日に体調不良で受けられなくても、医師の診断書なしで2週間後の追試験に申し込めるということです。  共通テストはセンター試験よりも思考力、判断力、表現力が重視された問題となっています。 - ANNnewsCH