Surge of at-home coronavirus self-isolation

NHK -- Jan 25
Data compiled by Japan's health ministry shows that the number of people self-isolating at home after testing positive for the coronavirus has been continuing to soar across the country.

The ministry says that on November 4, there were 1,096 such individuals. But the ministry said the figure jumped to 6,429 on December 9, and further surged to 17,484 on January 6, and 35,394 as of last Wednesday.

Some local governments are taking various measures to detect signs of possible deterioration in the conditions of people self-quarantining at home.

The steps include lending them equipment to determine their blood oxygen levels. Telephone hotlines to doctors or nurses are also available around the clock in some areas.

But some experts are warning that these arrangements are not enough to ensure that people can safely stay at home after testing positive.