Crown Prince Akishino inspects hospitals online
NHK -- Jan 25
Japan's Crown Prince Akishino has made an online inspection of hospitals treating coronavirus patients.

The crown prince chairs the Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation, a medical and welfare organization.

The online inspection on Monday linked the crown prince's residence and hospitals affiliated with the organization.

The crown prince was first briefed by Saiseikai's chief director about the current status of coronavirus treatments at affiliated medical institutions.

He then connected to Saiseikai hospitals in the prefectures of Saitama, Osaka and Fukuoka.

When heads of the hospitals explained that the burden on doctors and nurses is increasing, the crown prince asked whether there are any problems for their sustained handling of the situation.

The crown prince also asked medical staff to take care of their health and offered words of appreciation.

In May last year, the crown prince was briefed by Saiseikai officials about how they were responding to the coronavirus outbreak. His family, together with Imperial Household Agency officials, made medical gowns and donated them to the Seiseikai organization.


秋篠宮さまが新型コロナウイルス対応の病院から話を聞かれました。  秋篠宮さまは新型コロナウイルスの患者を受け入れている「済生会」の埼玉、大阪、福岡の病院とお住まいをオンラインでつなぎ、現場の状況を聞かれました。  病院長はそれぞれ、長期に及ぶ患者の受け入れで職員が疲弊していることやマスクやガウンなどが再び足りなくなる不安があることなどを説明しました。  秋篠宮さまは「限りある人材のもとで今後とも長く続けていくための方策についてはどのように考えていますか」などと質問するとともに、職員の苦労を労われたということです。  秋篠宮さまは済生会の総裁を務められています。 - ANNnewsCH

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