The Japanese Government Could Change Cosplay Forever -- Jan 26
Currently, anyone in Japan is free to dress as their favorite characters. But it might not stay free for them to do so.

The Japanese government is proposing big copyright law changes for those who make money from cosplaying—and possibly, even for those who don’t.

As writer and translator Matt Alt points out, the Japanese government is currently considering changing the country’s copyright laws, so that professional cosplayers would pay for use of characters.

Cosplay can be big business. Japan’s most successful professional cosplay Enako (pictured) has made over $90,000 a month from public appearances, merchandise, photobooks, chat sessions, and endorsements. Other cosplayers also earn cash for selling photos or clips of them dressed as famous characters. Creators don’t currently get a cut, and the amendment would change this. Moreover, it’s suggested that a standardized set of rules would help avoid any trouble with creators.