You Must Know About These Japanese Games -- Jan 26
Japanese games have created a powerful impact in the gaming industry. Filled with originality and creativity, they are not your typical kind of video games.

Over the decades, Japanese developers have released a mind-boggling number of video games. However, there’s one thing everyone will concede about Japan – it doesn’t seem like that country is on the same planet as the rest of us. Whether you want to play online casino games or bet on sports, there is no shortage for that. Also, some Sportsbooks provide a bonus code for online bookmakers (オンラインブックメーカーのためのボーナスコード ) who create an account; virtually all the legal sportsbooks give a bonus to new players who make a first-time deposit. Bonuses are always welcomed by punters no matter if the punters are professional or beginner.

The unique culture Japan has – from art, music to television and movies, has also spilled into digital arts and digital entertainment –games that are among the most popular in the country are rarely seen elsewhere, and the number of downloads on, for example, App Store & Google Play Store, can confirm such claims. Here is the list of Japanese games you must know.


Pac-Man is one of the most recognizable game to come out of Japan . This hungry, round mouth must navigate a maze in his game, eating dots and sometimes fruit while dodging ghosts who want to eat him. When some marked things are eaten, the ghosts change color and become temporarily edible. The aim is to eat all the dots in the maze without losing all Pac-Man’s lives. While this game has several reboots, the old school game can still be found in arcades today.

Super Mario Bros

The Super Mario Bros games were among the first games played by several generations. Initial Mario games were simple, demanding players to cross complex levels on a long quest to rescue Princess Peach from the dragon-like Browser. As the Mario Series continued, more and more aspects and characters were introduced, including the dinosaur Yoshi.

There are many games in the Super Mario Bros series that are driven from the ‘rescue the princess’ storyline and old-school style. The series has taken more fancy turns lately with Super Mario Odyssey, which is much more open-ended and exploration based.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill is treated by many to be the best horror video game series. Fanciful, violent, and disturbing, this Japanese-made game series is always very popular among fans. All games in the series are linked to the titular town of Silent Hill, home to strange powers and a frightening cult.

The gameplay has several options, from stealth to combat, though all stress an eerie and eventually terrifying sense of loneliness. Its monster designs are classical and their influence can easily be found throughout many genres, especially horror. There are many Japanese horror video game series, but Silent Hill has shaped all of them.


These are just some of the many popular games that have a special place in the hearts and memories of Japanese people. The fact that you can find adaptations of these games all over the world is a testament to their long-lasting popularity.

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