The rise of sports betting in Asia -- Feb 09
The Asian continent has experienced tremendous growth in Sports betting recently.

One of the major contributors is technology. Like in other markets, technology plays a big part in the development of sports betting in Asia. This has seen international betting companies like Betway make their way into the Asian sports betting market. Asia is a large continent that hosts over 4.6 billion people. Their view towards sports betting is also another reason for its rise.

Asia’s Large Population Offers Enormous Potential For Betting Companies

Bookmakers love Asia because of its population. The large numbers of people from different regions and cultures have contributed to the increasing number of sporting activities. Such areas that are active in sports betting include China, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. They mostly participate in sports like football, and they are headed towards other small events. Cricket betting has grown tremendously in the recent past in India. Other regions like South Korea have changed dramatically in terms of betting because of e-sports. The growth in e-sports has enabled many people to bet highly on cricket.

Use Of VPN

Another contributing factor to the rise of sports betting in Asia is the use of VPN software. There are some countries in Asia where sports betting has been banned or is highly controlled. Previously, sports punters would not bet in such places, but with VPN, they can do it by accessing regional and international betting sites like Betway88. By accessing international websites, they can get better pay-outs and also experience a wide diversity of events. The

rise of sports betting in Asia has also been on the rise because of mobile sports betting. Many Asians prefer using their mobile devices for sports betting because of its advantages. Here are some reasons for the use of mobile devices:


Mobile devices have made sports betting easier since one can bet anywhere at any given time. With a bookmaker app on your phone, you can place bets anywhere without having to go to your personal computer.

Mobile betting has played a significant role in the rise of sports betting in Asia. Furthermore, mobile device manufacturers have made their devices more robust yet affordable. With more smartphone owners in Asia, the betting companies get a chance to expand their reach.

Easy Payments

Most Asian users have mobile banking apps and also e-wallet apps. These applications enable them to make transactions at any time. Therefore, punters can effortlessly transfer finances to their betting accounts without struggling.

Initially, the lack of secure and convenient ways of transacting with international betting companies had impeded the sector’s growth. But, with the issue sorted, the industry has attracted more sports betting fans.

Perfect In-Play Betting

With a portable device, you can watch live-stream events where you are. This is beneficial for bettors that live in-play betting. This is where live bets are placed on several events or teams using the mobile device. It is easier to monitor all the updates.

Online sports betting operators like Betway88 offer their clients more in-play betting opportunities with great offers. This attracts more punters making the industry grow.

Final Thoughts

In summary, sports betting growth is set to continue in Asia as technology continues to advance. Changing attitudes towards sports betting will also contribute to the growth.