Japanese media join Google news platform

NHK -- Feb 12
US tech giant Google has revealed that several Japanese media organizations have agreed to join its new global news portal.

Google News Showcase was launched last year, and is expected to see the US firm invest one billion dollars as subscription fees to media partners over the next three years.

So far, more than 450 news organizations, including those in Europe and South America, are reportedly taking part. Among them are the Reuters wire service and leading French newspaper Le Monde.

Google has not released the names of Japanese organizations that signed partnerships or when the service will begin.

There are increasing moves to force IT giants such as Google and Facebook to pay for news items that appear in their feeds or search results.

The Australian government is seeking to establish a law under which the big platforms would be required to pay local media outlets to link their content.

But Google and Facebook have threatened counter measures if payments are effectively made compulsory in the country.