Japanese Shrine Hotel | Lodging at a shrine? |Chichibu National Park

Komadori-Sanso is located on Mt. Mitake which is only one and a half hour train ride from Tokyo. It's a Shrine Lodging of Musashi Mitake Shrine which is run by Shinto Priest Baba-san and his family.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, it is a great place to enjoy a once in a life time spiritual experience. Ellie had the opportunity to enjoy an actual purification ceremony “Oharai” led by the priest's hand-copying sutra! She also tried a special Shinto shrine meal which people cannot experience/enjoy on a regular basis.

The shrine lodging offers both vegan and non vegan options to better fit the visitors’ taste. Food is homemade and uses local ingredients.

We were also able to hear some stories of Mr. Baba, the 18th generation Shinto priest in his family. How did he become one? What are his challenges being an actual priest?

He also spoke to us honestly about his dream and what he would like to achieve while being a priest.

This episode shows you how Japanese people,(and foreign tourists as well) can get away from the extremely busy and stressful metropolitan Tokyo for a weekend to relax and relieve all the hackles through getting in touch with nature and cleansing their soul through spiritual experience.