Woman who got coronavirus vaccine dies in Japan, no inoculation link for now

Kyodo -- Mar 03
A woman who received Pfizer Inc.'s coronavirus vaccine has died, but so far there has been no link found between her death and the inoculation, the health ministry said Tuesday.

It is the first reported case of death after a coronavirus vaccination in Japan. The woman, in her 60s and with no pre-existing condition, is believed to have died of subarachnoid hemorrhage, the ministry said, weeks after Japan launched the first phase of its vaccination program.

The ministry said at the moment it has not determined whether the woman's death on Monday came as a result of her having been administered the vaccine. Health authorities were notified of the death on Tuesday.

The ministry has not revealed details such as where the woman lived.

Tomohiro Morio of a working panel on vaccines under the ministry said that based on inoculation cases abroad, there appears to be no connection between the COVID-19 vaccination and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

- Kyodo

新型コロナワクチンを接種した女性が3日後に死亡。死因はくも膜下出血とみられ、現時点でワクチンとの因果関係は評価できないと報告されています。 ワクチン接種後の死亡事例が報告されたのは今回が初めてです。 - TBS NEWS