Koala at Japanese zoo becomes world's oldest in captivity

Japan Times -- Mar 03
A 24-year-old female koala kept at a zoo in Hyogo Prefecture has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest ever koala to be held in captivity, the facility said Tuesday.

Although she is a centenarian in human years, the koala named Midori is doing fine with no serious health problems, according to Awaji Farm Park England Hill located on Awaji Island.

The average longevity of a koala in captivity is about 16 years, and the previous record had been held by an animal in Australia that died in 2001 at age 23, according to the park.

Midori was born on Feb. 1, 1997, in Australia and was sent from Yanchep National Park to Hyogo Prefecture in 2003 as a gift of the Western Australia state government, according to the park and Guinness World Records.

She has also been recognized as the oldest living koala in captivity. - Japan Times