Japanese YouTuber talks candidly about sex education with fresh flair and funny anecdotes

soranews24.com -- Mar 07
Japan has something of a contradictory reputation. While the media of the country can sometimes have a rather, er, salacious approach to sex and sexuality, public displays of affection are very rare when out and about in real life.
Sex is rarely discussed in polite company and the school curriculum for compulsory sex education is sterile and uninformative wherever it does exist. Shelly, a mixed-race Japanese-American talent and model, started her YouTube channel Shelly’s Bathroom (Shelly no Ofuroba) in December of 2020. Since then it’s grown tremendously in viewership, primarily due to her very frank and humorous approach to sex education. At the time of writing, Shelly’s Bathroom has over 114,000 subscribers and a passionate fanbase who take to her comments section to share anecdotes and ask questions…lots of questions. - soranews24.com