Japan's airlines offer low-cost PCR tests

NHK -- Mar 09
Japanese airlines are trying to boost domestic passenger numbers by offering the reassurance of PCR testing at low cost. The move comes as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hurt their bottom line.

Japan Airlines says all domestic passengers can take a PCR test for less than 20 dollars from March 15 until the end of June. Eligibility requires membership in the airline's mileage club.

Passengers need to request the test at least one week before their date of travel to receive a PCR kit at home. They have to send a sample of their saliva and will get the result via email.

All Nippon Airways is offering a similar service for about 23 dollars to passengers using Haneda or Narita airport who are paying for a package with a hotel stay.

Low-cost carrier Peach Aviation says it is offering free PCR testing until the end of March for passengers flying to or from Kansai or Narita airport.