Fugaku computer goes into full operation

NHK -- Mar 10
The world's fastest supercomputer went into full operation Tuesday. It's called Fugaku, and it's being used to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Scientists at Japan's Riken Center for Computational Science had already partially powered up Fugaku.

They were due to bring it into full operation in April, but the engineers finished work on it ahead of schedule.

Researchers are using it to study the spread of droplets and research coronavirus treatments.

In the recent world rankings, Fugaku claimed the top spot in four categories, including speed, and performance for industrial use.

Riken's scientists plan to use the supercomputer in other fields, including climate change and disaster mitigation.


理化学研究所は9日、新たなスーパーコンピューター「富岳」を本格稼働させ、設置した計算科学研究センター(神戸市)で記念式典を開いた。 - Kyodo