Parts of Japan hit by heavy rains, strong winds

NHK -- Mar 14
People in eastern and northeastern Japan have been hit by heavy rains and strong winds.

Weather officials are warning of possible mudslides or flooding in low-lying areas, as well as overflowing rivers.

Muddy water has covered roads in some residential areas in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo.

In Tokyo, part of a slope along a railway collapsed. Trains on the line were temporarily suspended.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued landslide alerts for parts of Fukushima Prefecture.

Thunderstorms are expected to hit areas around the Tohoku region's Pacific coast through early Sunday morning.


千葉県市川市で2つの河川が氾濫注意水位を超えたため、13日午後5時30分に国分など8地域に避難勧告を出しました。  また、土砂災害警戒のため船橋市と松戸市の一部にも避難勧告が出されています。 - ANNnewsCH