How Virtual Reality Is Changing the World -- Mar 18
The computer-generated environments of virtual reality allow people who are plugged into VR headsets to experience scenes and objects that appear to be real, making them feel as though they are completely immersed in their surroundings.

The technology is becoming more enhanced all the time, and it is changing the world more than you probably think.


With several virtual reality headsets now on the market, such as the Oculus Quest and the Sony PlayStation VR headsets, more virtual reality video games are being released all the time. Games like Batman: Arkham VR and Half-Life: Alyx are showing what VR is capable of, and yet the VR gaming world is only just beginning. So, imagine what the future will bring. Consider the Tokyo-based company Thirdverse. It is currently focused on creating multiplayer VR games, but the company’s goal is to combine VR with blockchain technology to create VR worlds where people can build online communities. It is not only video games that will benefit from VR. Online casinos are also now embracing the technology to provide immersive gaming experiences. At present, people can play games like ブラックジャック (blackjack) at an online casino. But with VR, such games will become as lifelike and immersive as they are at brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. The opportunities with VR casinos are endless. You could play casino games at a virtual version of a famous Las Vegas casino, or even underwater or on Mars!


Virtual reality is changing the world of cinema. Indeed, VR cinemas already exist. In 2016, the world’s first VR cinema opened in Amsterdam, where you watch content via a headset rather than on a projection screen. Although you cannot currently watch major release films in virtual reality, you will probably be able to do so in the near future. You will be able to experience movies from an angle of your choice and feel as though you are actually in the film. At the Amsterdam VR cinema, you sit in a swivel chair so that you can watch VR movies in 360 degrees.


It is not only the entertainment industry that is becoming transformed with virtual reality. The technology allows all kinds of sectors to change for the better. Primarily, the quality of practical learning is being majorly enhanced. For example, surgeons will be able to practice performing operations in a virtual environment, pilots will be able to practice flying airplanes, and student plumbers will be able to virtually practice their skills. As virtual reality continues to become more sophisticated, the learning sphere will become completely transformed in the coming years.

Commercial Products

The commercial applications of virtual reality are far-reaching too. Customers will be able to view products they want to purchase in a virtual 3D reality. That means you could explore a house you are considering purchasing, get the feel of a hotel room you are thinking of booking, or virtually hold a product in your hands before you buy. Being able to have greater insight into purchases in all kinds of sectors will change people’s shopping behaviors and habits no end.

Traveling and Social Interaction

Virtual reality will enable people to travel the world without ever having to leave their couches. You will be able to see the sun go down on a Miami beach, explore the Amazon rainforest, or wander the streets of Morocco. In addition to a plethora of traveling opportunities, VR will enable people to mingle socially at virtual parties and gatherings. Indeed, the way you interact with people and the world at large is sure to change massively in the coming years, thanks to virtual reality.