Shizuoka: Man found with corpse of girl in tent ‘planned double suicide’ -- Mar 20
Shizuoka Prefectural Police arrested a 33-year-old man for allegedly kidnapping a middle school girl whose body was found inside a tent in a mountainous area of Hamamatsu City on Wednesday, reports Fuji News Network

At around 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Dai Irie, 33, of no known occupation, allegedly abducted the 15-year-old girl with his car in Hamamatsu.

Early the following day, the parents of the girl, who lives in Hamamatsu, reported her missing. At around noon on Tuesday, Irie called police. “We tried to kill ourselves, but only I survived,” he reportedly said.

Police arriving at a campground in Tenryu Ward found the body of the girl inside the tent. Burned charcoal briquettes were also inside.

Irie, a resident of Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, met the girl through social media. After the discovery of the body of the girl, he was nearby and in poor health. But he later recovered. “We planned a double suicide,” he said.

Police arrested Irie on suspicion of abducting a minor on Wednesday. He was sent to prosecutors the next day.

“We still cannot wrap our heads around [what happened],” the father of the girl was quoted by the Mainichi Shimbun.

Police sent Dai Irie sent to prosecutors on Friday

On Thursday, the middle school the girl attended held its graduation ceremony. “We didn’t hear anything from the police,” the principal of the school told the Mainichi. “We had not heard of any trouble at school or anything like that.”

Kazutaka Kawamura owns the campground. “Nobody from Fukuoka comes here. He was the first,” the owner said in referring to Irie.

After Irie and the girl arrived on the night of March 15, an employee collected the fee from them. Kawamura didn’t notice “anything unusual” about them at the time.

“There were briquettes found in the tent,” Kawamura added. “But they were normal ones [and not those used for suicide].”


15歳の女子中学生が遺体で見つかり、誘拐した疑いで33歳の男が逮捕された事件。 2人の間に何があったのだろうか。 静岡・浜松市天竜区の山の中にある川沿いのキャンプ場。 捜査車両が止まる先に白っぽいテントが見える。 2人が泊まっていたとみられるこのテントで、15歳の少女が遺体で見つかった。 警察は浜松市の女子中学生を誘拐した疑いで3月17日、福岡市東区の無職・入江大容疑者(33)を逮捕した。 現場となったキャンプ場のオーナーが取材に応じた。 キャンプ場オーナー「ただ普通のテントでした。(練炭などは出てきましたか?)見たけど(練炭は)持って行っちゃったので、その日に。普通の丸い練炭、ひとつしか見なかった」 事件の経緯を振り返る。 - FNNプライムオンライン