High school student arrested for threatening police officer with knife in koban

Japan Today -- Mar 22
Police in Higashi-Osaka have arrested an 18-year-old high school student on suspicion of violation of the Swords and Firearms Control Law and interfering with a police officer in the performance of his duty after he threatened an officer with a knife in a koban (police box).

According to police, the incident occurred at around 4:35 p.m. Saturday, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said the youth came into the koban and told the 35-year-old officer on duty that he had found a wallet.

The officer was alone at the time and as he prepared to fill out a document for lost-and-found items, the youth suddenly pointed a knife with a 13-cm-long blade at him.

The police officer drew his gun and ordered the youth to put the knife on the desk, which he did. Neither the officer nor the boy was injured.

- Japan Today