Police search for trio after youth fatally stabbed in Kamakura

tokyoreporter.com -- Mar 28
Kanagawa Prefectural Police are hunting for three persons after a male youth was fatally stabbed in Kamakura City early Saturday, reports NHK

At just past 4:00 a.m., a person living in the Fueda area alerted emergency services about “screams and a man collapsed.”

Emergency personnel arriving at the scene found Jo Takamine, an 18-year-old resident of Yokohama City’s Seya Ward, collapsed with stab wounds to the back.

He was confirmed dead at a hospital bout 90 minutes later, police said.

Just prior to the incident, the victim was walking with two male acquaintances on a prefectural road when the three persons emerged from a car.

The stabbing took place after Takamine and the three persons got into a dispute. Takamine’s acquaintances were unharmed, police said.

The three persons fled inside the car. Their whereabouts are sought on suspicion of murder. - tokyoreporter.com






 男3人は車で逃げたとみられていて、警察は殺人事件として3人の行方を追っています。 - ANNnewsCH