ANA 'passengers' savor $540 first-class dining -- on parked plane

Nikkei -- Apr 01
All Nippon Airways looks to sate the curiosity of those who wish to dine in the first-class cabin, debuting a service that raises revenue even while the planes remain grounded during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Japanese carrier welcomed "passengers" on board for a special dining experience Wednesday, serving meals typically offered on international flights.

On the first day of the new service, 56 guests boarded an idle plane at Haneda Airport in Tokyo for lunch on the ground. A first-class seat with a meal costs 59,800 yen ($541), while the offering's business-class counterpart runs 29,800 yen. Customers choose in advance from three food options: Japanese-style, Western-style beef or Western-style fish.

The ANA Holdings unit will offer 22 lunch and dinner sessions in April, each lasting about three hours. No in-flight entertainment is available, but guests receive amenity kits and can use ANA's lounge at Haneda's domestic terminal.

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 気になるお値段はファーストクラスで59800円。初回は31日、2部制で行いましたが、チケットは完売だったそうです。 - ANNnewsCH