What it’s like house hunting In Japan | Kyoto Apartment Tours | Do they REALLY live in small houses?

-- Apr 04
Love it or hate it, house hunting is a serious undertaking no matter what country you are in, and Japan is no exception. Planning a move to Kyoto meant it was the perfect opportunity to share with all of you just exactly what that experience is like.
Whether it's deciding if you could live with tatami mats or a toilet next to your shower, there's a lot of choices to make and many homes to visit. I even got a little bit nostalgic seeing carpet, something you simply don't see much of here. At the end of the day everyone is certain to find something they like. Of course, that is always made easier by having a better lay of the land and concept of what the locals are using to make their search for a new home a little easier. We cover those tools as well. -