Man arrested for attempted murder after woman clings to hood of car

Japan Today -- Apr 06
Police in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, have arrested a 78-year-old Buddhist priest on suspicion of attempted murder after he drove his car with a woman clinging to the hood.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 12:30 p.m. Sunday along National Route 355, Fuji TV reported. Police said the incident stemmed from a traffic altercation. Kansho Tashiro, the chief priest at a shrine in Kasama City, and another car carrying two women, were driving on the Joban Expressway when there was some trouble.

They stopped their vehicles near the Ishioka-Omitama Smart Interchange. A 30-year-old woman got out of her car while Tashiro remained in his. After an argument, Tashiro started to drive away but the woman stood in front of him and then got onto the hood.

Tashiro drove for about 960 meters, including sudden stops and repeatedly swerving, as the woman clung to the hood, before stopping. The woman was not injured. - Japan Today










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