Japanese karate official quits over bullying claim

yahoo.com -- Apr 08
A Japanese karate official will quit after being accused of bullying a champion set to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, he has told a local newspaper.

Masao Kagawa, the technical director of the Japan Karatedo Federation, told the Nikkan Sports daily he was quitting after injuring former world champion Ayumi Uekusa in a training drill.

Uekusa says he hit her in the face with a bamboo sword and accuses him of bullying, claiming he frequently shouted at her and admonished her about her private life.

The athlete, who will compete in the women's over 61 kg kumite category as karate makes its Olympic debut this summer, has lodged a complaint with the federation over the alleged abuse.

Both Uekusa and Kagawa testified before an ethics commission last week, with the federation finding that she had been left with a bruised eye because of Kagawa's "very dangerous" training methods.

The federation said in a statement that it would decide on a punishment, but Kagawa has reportedly now informed them of his intention to quit as technical director and board member.

"I take complete responsibility," Kagawa told Nikkan Sports late Tuesday.

"In order to bring the matter to a close quickly, I'm resigning from all my positions at the Japan Karatedo Federation."

Kagawa admitted using a bamboo sword as part of Uekusa's training, with the aim of forcing her to dodge his swings and thrusts.

He claimed he never set out to injure her intentionally, but took responsibility for "a breakdown of trust".

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東京オリンピック代表内定選手をめぐる空手のパワハラ問題。訴えられた強化委員長が、辞任の意向を文書で伝えました。  空手の東京オリンピック代表に内定している植草歩選手(28)が「パワハラを受けた」と訴えた全日本空手道連盟の香川政夫強化委員長(65)が、辞任届を提出したことが分かりました。香川氏は、兼任している全空連の理事も退く意向ということです。  香川氏は報道各社に送った文書で、「今回問題となった竹刀を用いた稽古及びその結果について、植草選手への配慮を欠いたものがあったことに対して、指導者として細部への気遣いが及ばなかったことは申し訳なく、たいへん悔やまれるばかりです」とコメントしました。  全空連は9日に臨時理事会を開き、辞任届の扱いや香川氏の処分について協議する見通しです。 - TBS NEWS