Princess Mako's boyfriend expresses resolve to get married

Kyodo -- Apr 08
The boyfriend of Princess Mako, niece of Japanese Emperor Naruhito, expressed his resolve to tie the knot with her in a statement released Thursday, vowing to "correct erroneous information" regarding a monetary dispute involving his mother.

The planned marriage between the princess and Kei Komuro, both 29, has been postponed for over two years following reports of trouble between his mother and her former fiance over money, including Komuro's educational expenses, which the man shouldered.

The princess' boyfriend from university days, who has been studying at Fordham University's law school in New York since August 2018, said the 24-page document released via his lawyer is aimed at "making corrections as much as possible" with regard to the reports on the dispute.

"I believe some people may be feeling a sense of distrust due to my silence," he said in his second public comment on the matter.

In his first public statement issued in January 2019, Komuro admitted that his family had received financial assistance from the former fiance and pledged to "gain an understanding from him" about the situation. But his explanation failed to get much public support.

The princess' father Crown Prince Fumihito, 55, the younger brother of the emperor, said last November he approves of the couple's marriage, but urged the Komuros to make a visible effort to resolve the dispute. - Kyodo

秋篠宮ご夫妻の長女・眞子さまとの婚約が内定している小室圭さんが家族の金銭問題について改めて説明する文書を公表しました。  改めて文書を出した理由としては、「私や母と元婚約者の方との間にこれまであったやり取りなどについて、実際の経緯をある程度明らかにすることを通じて、誤った情報をできる範囲で訂正すること」を目的とするとあります。  「色々な事情があったのだということを理解して下さる方が1人でもいらっしゃいましたら幸いです」としています。  そのうえで、結婚に対する思いに変わりはないなどとつづられています。 - ANNnewsCH