Hundreds of earthquakes shake Tokara Islands

NHK -- Apr 13
Japan's Meteorological Agency says hundreds of earthquakes have been occurring in waters near the Tokara Islands in the country's southwest since Friday.

Some of the jolts registered 3 or 4 on the Japanese intensity scale of zero to 7 on Akuseki-jima island and elsewhere. The island chain is located in Toshima Village, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Agency officials say 199 earthquakes with an intensity of one or higher occurred between late Friday night and 6:30 a.m. Monday.

Swarms of earthquakes have occurred in the waters adjacent to the island chain in the past. Those groups of jolts continued for several days.

Agency officials are calling on islanders to exercise caution, as the current series of quakes may continue for some time. - NHK

午後11時01分ごろに鹿児島県十島村で震度4の地震がありました。  震源地はトカラ列島近海で、地震の規模(マグニチュード)は5.2と推定されます。  この地震による津波の心配はありません。 - ANNnewsCH