Japan mayor forced to quit over bringing personal sauna into office

Kyodo -- Apr 27
The mayor of a city in the western Japan prefecture of Osaka said Monday he will step down after finding himself in the hot seat for setting up a home sauna just next to his office for personal use.
Hiroki Tomita, the mayor of Ikeda, has been under intense criticism for bringing the sauna into the city government's building from his home last year along with gym equipment. He had claimed they were needed for "health reasons."

On Monday, the 44-year-old said at a press conference he will resign to "take responsibility" after the city government's COVID-19 vaccination program for elderly people is largely completed, without providing a specific timeline. - Kyodo

市役所に家庭用サウナを持ち込んで議会から追及を受けていた大阪府池田市の市長が26日午後、「条件付き」で辞職する意向を明らかにしています。  去就に注目が集まっていた池田市の冨田裕樹市長。条件付きでの辞職を表明しました。  去年10月に市長の控え室に家庭用サウナといった私物を持ち込んでいたことが分かり、市議会が虚偽の証言などに罰則を科すことができる「百条委員会」を設置し、市長らを証人喚問してきました。 - ANNnewsCH