Japan lodges protest with China over Senkakus maps

NHK -- Apr 27
The Japanese government has lodged a protest with China over topographical maps it published of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

Japan's Foreign Ministry made the protest through diplomatic channels in Tokyo and Beijing after China's Ministry of Natural Resources posted the maps on its website on Monday.

The Chinese ministry says it created the maps based on the latest satellite images and other survey results.

Nine images on the site include the topographies of three islands --- Uotsuri, Kitakojima and Minamikojima in the Senkakus.

Japan controls the islands. China and Taiwan claim them. The Japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of Japan's territory, in terms of history and international law. It says there is no issue of sovereignty to be resolved over them.

China has been stepping up the activities of its government ships in waters around the islands.

Observers say China posted the maps with the aim of stressing its claim over the islands.