Former wife of Japanese 'Don Juan' arrested

NHK -- Apr 28
Police in Japan have arrested the 25-year-old former wife of an elderly wealthy man who died of acute stimulant intoxication three years ago. The man was a company president who likened himself to Don Juan.

Investigative sources say police arrested Nozaki Kosuke's former wife Sudo Saki on suspicion of murder at her condominium in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Sudo is suspected of killing her former husband at his home in Wakayama Prefecture in May, 2018.

Nozaki was known as the "Don Juan of Kishu." The company president had used the legendary Spanish womanizer's name in the titles of his published memoirs. Kishu is the former name of Wakayama Prefecture and the areas that surround it.

Police believe Nozaki was forced to ingest the stimulants because they have found no evidence that he previously used such substances.

They say Sudo was the only other person in the home at the time when Nozaki is believed to have ingested the drugs. They also say Sudo searched for information about stimulants online before the incident.

Police plan to transfer Sudo to Tanabe Police Station in Wakayama for further questioning later on Wednesday.


2018年、和歌山県田辺市で「紀州のドン・ファン」と呼ばれた男性が死亡して遺体から覚醒剤が検出された事件で、警察は殺人などの疑いで男性の元妻を逮捕しました。現在、警察が会見を開き、逮捕の詳しい経緯などを説明しています。 - ANNnewsCH