China spokesman nixes deleting parody ukiyo-e to rap Fukushima water

Kyodo -- Apr 29
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Wednesday rejected Japan's request to delete from his Twitter account a parody picture of an "ukiyo-e" work to criticize its decision to release treated radioactive water from the Fukushima power plant into the ocean.

On Monday, Zhao Lijian posted a collage picture of a piece in the popular "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji" series by Japanese ukiyo-e master Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), prompting the Japanese Foreign Ministry to lodge a protest with China.

The picture "reflects Chinese people's concern and dissatisfaction with the Japanese government's unilateral decision" about the "Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water," Zhao, known as one of Beijing's hard-line diplomats, told reporters.

Zhao added that the picture "reflects legitimate public opinion and justice. It is the Japanese government that needs to revoke the wrong decision and apologize."

He said in his Twitter post, along with the picture, "If Katsushika Hokusai, the original author is still alive today, he would also be very concerned about #JapanNuclearWater."

- Kyodo