Hiking In One Of Japan’s Most Spiritual Places | Mt. Kurama

Few places one could travel are as rich in spirituality and cultural history as Kyoto. But many people don’t know the close relationship Kyoto has with nature in its immediate surroundings. Travel just outside the city and you’ll find yourself transported to some of Japan’s most sacred sites. Mt. Kurama in the northwest is one such place.
Towering ancient trees and many centuries old shrines dot the landscape of this holy mountain. We take you today on a short hike up an ancient winding path to Kurama-dera at the summit of the mountain. Although many places can seem like they’re out of a faerie tale Mt. Kurama actually is. This mountain is the setting of some of Japan’s most important stories and legends and their impact still resonates along these tranquil forest paths. - WAO RYU!ONLY in JAPAN