New York's Japan Day cultural event held online

NHK -- May 10
An annual event that introduces Japanese culture and food to people in New York took place online this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan Day is organized by a group of Japanese companies and other entities, and is usually held in Central Park. It was canceled last year due to the spread of the virus.

A half-hour-long video for this year's event was uploaded online on Sunday. It shows karate practitioners demonstrating moves, and breaking wooden boards and thick blocks of ice.

A New York-based group of Yosakoi dancers also performed a lively, synchronized routine, wearing masks and matching costumes.

Yamanouchi Kanji, Japan's Consulate General in New York, appeared in the video to express his hope that this year's event will convey gratitude to all New Yorkers, especially frontline workers, who have worked to help people in the city.

Regarding violence committed against people of Asian descent in the US, Yamanouchi indicated that he hopes the event will help reunite people.