What is Instagram and why do brands use it

newsonjapan.com -- May 12
Have you recently noticed just how many different businesses and brands are starting to make use of social media, Instagram in particular, as a way to market themselves to the public?

Are you looking to try and use Instagram as a way to market your brand too but aren’t sure of why you should be doing this?

If you’re looking to improve your business, there is no better time than now. Instagram can offer so many benefits and opportunities that will help you take you business to the next level, all without having to spend any money. There are numerous strategies that can be used on this social media platform too.

You could use it as an advertising tool by posting about special offers of discounts, run contests, create sponsored ads for products and services, or even post customer testimonials. We also have to mention the hashtags as being another important feature that help the businesses to be discovered easier. If you are able to find the best hashtags for Instagram by using a high quality hashtag generator such as Taskant.com, you are likely to get more followers and grow your audience. The whole point is to be aware of the possibilities that your business has with just having an account and using it wisely. If you are new to Instagram then you might not know how to use it, or why its popular for businesses and brands, so here is everything you need to know.

What is Instagram?

For those who don’t yet know, Instagram is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, social media platform around today. Having launched back in 2011, it has since managed to amass billion of users with over 1 billion active monthly users. Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform which allow for you to share your daily life in a multitude of different ways through both photos and videos.

In the last few years, Instagram has become increasingly popular, and this is all down to the different features that is has to offer in order to keep up with current time and to keep up with the demand of the users. These features include stories, reels, IGTV, and even live videos which all offer a way for the audiences to interact and engage far mar with the people they follow. Many businesses have also started using the platform as a way to market themselves in a much more effective way which has also contributed heavily to the popularity of it all.

Who uses it?

Just like every other social media platform, Instagram has a specific demographic which is targets, however, unlike other social media platform, this demographic is not small or restricted to a small group of people, but rather quite a big one.

On of the biggest advantages of making use of Instagram as a business is that the demographics of Instagram range all the way from teens right up to people who would be their parents’ age. This makes Instagram a great place for businesses and brands to market themselves as they have access to just about any audience who they might want to have access to and they don’t have to look very hard to find them.

Organic marketing

Organic marketing is essentially marketing for a business or brand that does not make use of anything that requires payment in order to the businesses or brand to be seen. On of the biggest perks of making use of Instagram as a business is that it allows for organic marketing. Organic marketing is not only good for those businesses that don’t necessarily have a budget for marketing but for all businesses.

Organic marketing is a great way to grow your audience to be an audience of people who genuinely enjoy your brand and its content, which means you are more likely to have more engagement on your content and more meaningful relationships with your followers.

Engage with customers

Another reason why Instagram has become a popular option for businesses and brands to make use of when marketing is because it allows for, not only the customers to engage with you, but for you to engage with the customers. People really enjoy feeling noticed and appreciated and engaging with them as a brand is the best way to do this. This is a great way to create brand awareness and to spread your name.

Direct traffic

By far, the biggest benefit of using Instagram as a business is that it is a great way to direct traffic to your website. Though Instagram marketing you can encourage people to be interested in your brand or business and what you are all about, which ultimately leads more people to want to visit your website and even purchase from you.