Terunofuji wins 2nd tournament in a row

NHK -- May 23
In sumo, Ozeki champion Terunofuji beat fellow Ozeki Takakeisho in a playoff to win his fourth title in the Summer Grand Sumo tournament in Tokyo.

Terunofuji lost to Endo on Saturday. He was leading Endo and Takakeisho by one win before the final day on Sunday.

Endo lost to Ozeki Shodai to finish the tournament with 11 wins and four losses.

Takakeisho caught up with Terunofuji by beating him in the final bout to mark his 12th win of the tournament.

Terunofuji slapped down Takakeisho in the playoff to win his 4th title, and the second in a row.

Terunofuji became the first Ozeki since the Showa Era to win a tournament right after returning to the position.

He is also the first wrestler to win two titles in a row since Yokozuna Grand Champion Kakuryu, who won the spring and summer tournaments in 2018.