LDP OKs bill promoting greater awareness of LGBT in Japan

Kyodo -- May 25
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party approved Monday a cross-party bill to promote greater awareness among the public of sexual minorities in Japan.

Approval of the bill was delayed in an LDP panel meeting last week due to conservative concerns that it would "affect society."

The LDP, which emphasizes promoting understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, which focuses on eradicating discrimination, bridged their gap through consultations, according to lawmakers.

Based on the outline drawn up by the LDP panel, the bill includes the words "discrimination is unacceptable" among its philosophical ideals.

- Kyodo

LGBTなど性的少数者に関する法案が、自民党内でおおもめの末、国会でのさらなる審議を求めていくことを条件に了承されました。 目的や基本理念に「差別は許されない」という文言が入ったことに異論が相次ぎ、先週の部会では了承は見送られていました。 自民党・山谷えり子元国家公安委員長:「女子の競技に、男性が心は女性だからと参加してメダルを取ったり、そういう不条理なこともあるので、少し慎重に」 今の国会での成立は見通せない状況です。 - ANNnewsCH