Japan moves to stop sex offender teachers from returning to classroom

Kyodo -- May 29
Japan's parliament enacted a law Friday to make it harder for educators dismissed for sexual misconduct at work to return to the profession, a response to cases in which teachers have repeatedly offended against students.

The House of Councillors passed a bill to allow prefectural education boards to refuse offending teachers' license renewal applications. The law also gives the central government the power to create a nationwide database of teachers who have been dismissed due to misconduct.

In the year through March 2020, 273 teachers at Japanese public schools were subject to disciplinary action or a reprimand for obscene acts or sexual harassment, the second-highest on record, according to the education ministry.

Under the current law governing teaching licenses, it is possible for those who were dismissed to have a license reissued three years after their discharge for sexual misconduct.

- Kyodo