Most young Tokyoites plan nonessential outings

NHK -- May 30
A survey has found about three-quarters of young residents of Tokyo plan nonessential activities amid the coronavirus state of emergency.

Japan's government extended the state of emergency for 9 prefectures, including the capital, until June 20. Officials are encouraging residents to refrain from nonessential outings.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government conducted an online survey this month to residents between 15 years old and 39 years old of age. 1300 people responded.

Respondents were asked how many days a week they have a plan for outings other than going to school or to work during the state of emergency period.

About 75 percent said they have such a plan including 27 percent who answered "one day," and 19 percent who said "two days."

They were also asked about the purpose of going out. Multiple answers were allowed, and 70 percent, the most, answered "shopping." 40 percent said "exercises," and 21 percent said "indoor or outdoor dining."

Respondents were asked why they planned such outings. 34 percent, the most, said they didn't consider their planned outings to be nonessential.

Government officials say they will look for more effective ways to get the message about the pandemic across to the younger generation. - NHK