Plans for medal ceremonies unveiled

NHK -- Jun 04
Another important part of the upcoming Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games is taking shape. Just 50 days before the events kick off, organizers gave aspiring athletes something to dream about: a look at where and how the world's best will be given their medals.

This set-up follows Japan's themes of rebuilding and sustainability. The podium is made of recycled plastic.

The iconic emblem comes from scrap material used to build temporary houses after a 2011 earthquake and tsunami struck eastern Japan.

Organizers also unveiled the indigo blue clothing for volunteers and trays that will hold the all-important hardware at all 878 victory ceremonies.

But past the podium, the host city remains under a state of emergency.

The government's top coronavirus advisor says the games would never ordinarily be held under this sort of health emergency.

Government advisory panel chief Omi Shigeru said, "The Olympic committee and the government must thoroughly fulfill their responsibilities, in order to gain the support of the public. If they go ahead with their plans, they must do so with firm resolve to take all possible anti-virus measures.

Omi said officials should keep events as small as possible and urge locals to watch the games at home.

Public opinion polls show many aren't sure the city should host the Games at all.

The chief of the Japanese Olympic Committee says he's aware, but is convinced the event can be held safely.

JOC President Yamashita Yasuhiro said, "We need to explain in more detail how we plan to prevent infections during the events, while providing examples."

Yamashita says he hopes people can safely see the competition with their own eyes.

But if it's too risky to have people travel to events, he says the games will need to be held without spectators.


開幕まで50日、「表彰式アイテム」と「楽曲」を初公開です。  東京オリンピック・パラリンピックの表彰式で使用する表彰台、楽曲、ボランティアが着用する衣装、そしてメダルトレイが発表されました。 - ANNnewsCH