Japan to lift anti-virus measures on 3 prefectures

NHK -- Jun 10
The Japanese government has decided to lift anti-virus restrictions in three prefectures this week because the COVID situation is improving there.

The intensive preventative measures in Gunma, Ishikawa and Kumamoto prefectures will end on Sunday. That means things like business hours at restaurants can be extended in some cities.

Currently, 10 prefectures, including Tokyo and Osaka, are under the state of emergency while intensive measures remain for five other prefectures.

The government will also make decisions on these restrictions as they are set to expire on June 20.

On Thursday, the health ministry announced that the number of seriously ill people has decreased by 40 from the previous day to 1,015.


石川・熊本・群馬に対する重点措置は、予定通り今月13日解除となりました。  石川・熊本・群馬では人口10万人あたりの新規感染者数がステージ3の指標を下回るなど、感染状況は改善傾向にあります。  これを受けて、政府は3県に対するまん延防止等重点措置を予定通り13日に解除することを持ち回りの対策本部で決定しました。  一方、20日までとなっている緊急事態宣言と重点措置の解除については来週、判断する方針です。 - ANNnewsCH