Australian softball team opens training to public

NHK -- Jun 15
Australia's softball team, which is currently training in Japan for the Tokyo Olympics, has invited the public to watch them practice.

The Australian women's softball team has been based in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, since June 1.

The city has not allowed players to practice in public until now due to coronavirus fears. But officials gave the go-ahead on Tuesday, after confirming that sufficient anti-infection measures were in place.

Spectators, including journalists, were required to submit a written oath confirming their health condition and disinfect hands before entering the ballpark.

Australian players in yellow uniforms and masks then carried out some light exercise before continuing with batting practice.

Five practice games between the Australian squad and Japanese teams are scheduled over the coming week, with up to 500 spectators allowed in the stands.

Municipal official Osawa Hidetoshi pledged to continue taking steps to ensure that spectators can safely watch the Australian team in action.