Why we still need 7 kinds of hanko seals/stamps in Japan! Advice on how to make alphabetic ones

Let's ask Shogo -- Jun 20
If you have ever considered studying or working in Japan, you might know about the “判子 hanko” personal seal culture.

You need to have different types of personal seals for renting a house, opening a bank account, and even receiving packages that come to your door.

In other words, we use seals instead of writing signatures like most people would do around the world.

Can you guess how many stamps a Japanese man like me who runs a company would own?

2? 3? No, 8!!

Why would you need so many different kinds of stamps?

So today, I will explain to you about the history of hanko culture in Japan, why we still use such a troublesome system even today, and the 7 different kinds of hanko seals.

Also at the end of the video, I will introduce how to make your own hanko, even if you don’t have a Japanese name.

- Let's ask Shogo