Man arrested over murder of 19-year-old woman in Chiba

Japan Today -- Jun 23
Police in Sodegaura, Chiba Prefecture, have arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of killing a 19-year-old woman, whom he met on a social networking service, in May.

According to police, Shota Natsumi, a karaoke parlor part-time worker who was already in custody after being arrested on a charge of having sex with a minor, is accused of fatally stabbing Ami Nakagome, a trainee hair stylist, sometime on May 7, Fuji TV reported.

Nakagome lived with her mother who last saw her when she left the house on May 7. Her body was found in a bamboo forest by a search party, including her brother and his friend, after they used GPS data from her phone. The forest is about 450 meters from her home.

Nakagome’s body was fully clothed when found and she still had her wallet and smartphone with her. Her bag was near her body. There was also a rope on the ground. Police believe Nakagome was killed soon after leaving home as her body had begun to decay when found.

Police said a DNA analysis of a blood-stained knife found at Natsumi’s home in Yokohama matched Nakagome’s blood type. Police said he has admitted killing Nakagome on the night of May 7, but has denied intent to kill.

Natsumi was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of having sex with a minor in a park toilet in Midori Ward in Yokohama on the night of May 8.

- Japan Today

5月、千葉県袖ケ浦市の竹林で19歳の美容師見習いの女性が遺体で見つかった事件で警察は横浜市に住む23歳の男を殺人容疑で逮捕しました。女性の行方が分からなくなった日、2人はSNSで会う約束をしていたことが分かりました。 - 日テレNEWS