Giant panda gives birth to rare twin cubs at Japan's oldest zoo -- Jun 24
Japan just became home to two tiny and adorable panda cubs.

Early Wednesday, the Ueno Zoo reported that the rare giant panda Shin Shin gave birth to twins.

"Baby giant pandas are very small when they're born, so the staff will be watching over them around the clock for a while to make sure they will be growing healthily," zoo director Yutaka Fukuda said in a news conference.

Shin Shin, 15, arrived at Japan's oldest zoo in 2011 and last gave birth to a cub, Xiang Xiang, in 2017. The sex and weight of the twin cubs remains unknown.


上野動物園のジャイアントパンダ「シンシン」が23日未明、双子の赤ちゃんを出産しました。明るい話題に各地が沸き立っています。 - ANNnewsCH