Private jet makes algae-fuel flight

NHK -- Jun 30
A private jet that landed in Tokyo's Haneda Airport Tuesday afternoon looked perfectly normal on the outside. What made it special was on the inside: fuel made from used cooking oil and a kind of algae.

The fuel is made by a Japanese venture firm, partly using oils derived from algae called euglena. The firm says it is the first time a private aircraft has flown with it, and is touting it as a step towards a sustainable future.

Euglena President and CEO Izumo Mitsuru said, "We would like to further promote this initiative to help achieve Japan's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050."

The biofuel emits carbon dioxide when it combusts, but the algae it is made from absorb the gas in photosynthesis, which helps reduce the carbon footprint.

The firm plans to establish a large factory by around 2025 to produce 250,000 kiloliters of the fuel a year. - NHK

藻類のミドリムシと使用済みの食用油を原料とする国産バイオジェット燃料を利用した小型ジェット機が29日、民間機として初フライトし、鹿児島空港から羽田空港に到着した。ミドリムシを使った食品を手掛けるユーグレナが燃料を開発した。製造過程で出る二酸化炭素が化石燃料より少なく、航空業界の脱炭素化への切り札となる。 - Kyodo