Create a "Guizhou model", the rule of law first protects the ecology -- Jul 12
With rippling blue waves and verdant mountains, walking along the banks of the Wujiang River in Guizhou Province, and the fresh air is refreshing, and the scenery is relaxing.

If it weren't for the reminder of the birds chirping in the mountains, it would be mistaken to think it was walking in the painting.

(Wujiang scenery. Source: Colorful Guizhou-China Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition)

The construction of ecological civilization is related to the future of mankind, and building a green home is the common dream of people of all countries. Through years of hard work, Guizhou Province has explored a development mode that conforms to the concept of China's ecological civilization.

As the first batch of national ecological civilization experimental areas, thirty of Guizhou’s reform achievements are included in the national promotion list, and the Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization has become an important platform for spreading the Chinese president Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization.

In recent years, Guizhou’s ecological advantages have been highlighted. In 2020, the average percentage of AQI days in Guizhou’s nine central cities is 99.2%. The surface water quality of the province is generally “excellent”. The water quality of major river monitoring sections is 99.3%. The forest coverage rate is over 60%.

"Using the strictest system and rule of law to protect the ecological environment, and let the system become a rigidly restrained and untouchable high-tension line" is the promise of Guizhou Province to the clear waters and green mountains. Behind the excellent ecological environment is Guizhou Province’s concerted efforts.

As an important ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River, it is very important to protect Guizhou’s ecological environment and biodiversity. Since 2007, Guizhou has established the country’s first environmental protection court; formulated china’s first local regulations "Regulations on the Promotion of Ecological Civilization Construction in Guiyang City" to promote the construction of ecological civilization; launched the "6.18 Guizhou Ecological Day" publicity activities. At the same time, the Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization has become the only national-level international forum with the theme of ecological civilization in China. In addition, China’s first specialized judicial institution for environmental protection law enforcement supporting provincial public prosecutions and laws has been launched. Furthermore, actions such as the “six prohibited” forests resource protection have been continuously developed, environmental protection sword enforcement, etc., Guizhou continue to strengthen the construction of the ecological environment protection system. 

Since the full implementation of the river chief system in 2017, the five-level river chiefs in Guizhou have protected the rivers. More and more people have enjoyed the benefits brought about by the improvement of the water ecological environment, and more and more fishermen have become the "mother river" s guardians, builders, sharers.

Chishui River is the only first-level tributary in the Yangtze River Basin that has not been dammed. There is a national nature reserve for rare and endemic fish in the basin. As a tributary of the upper reaches of the Chishui River, the Geeli River is becoming more beautiful and energetic under the guardianship of the 27 members of the Geeli River Basin Ecological Management Association.

The journalist of interviewed a river chief in Geeli River, Li Wang said: "I grew up by the river, swimming on hot days when I was a child, and fishing by the river when I grew up. I have witnessed its rise and fall for more than 20 years, and it has also witnessed our youthful growth. I have a deep love for it. Now we protect it, just like protecting our own relatives.",

Luo Guangxian, a 75-year-old villager of Guanghua Village, habitually walks by the river every day. For the native who grew up on the edge of the Gerry River, he witnessed the governance and protection of the Geeli River. "In the past, the environment was severely damaged, and the water in the river was stinky. Now, with the river chief system, it not only has supervision and restraint on the nearby villagers, but also restored the ecological environment by the river by returning farmland to forests."  

River protection is an important part of Guizhou's ecological protection. There are many cases in Guizhou that use the rule of law to protect the ecology, such as the river chief system and the forest chief system. The "Guizhou Model" has contributed to the construction of "Beautiful China”. Guizhou has gradually grown into a "Chinese Window" for the construction of ecological civilization.