Solar power to become cheaper than nuclear in 2030: Japan gov't estimate

Kyodo -- Jul 13
Solar power will overtake nuclear power as the cheapest source of energy for Japan in 2030 due to the latter's ballooning safety measure costs following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, a government estimate showed for the first time Monday.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at an expert panel meeting estimated the cost of generating nuclear power will rise about 10 percent from its previous estimate in 2015, while the cost of solar power will drop as it becomes more widespread due to decarbonization efforts.

METI has traditionally emphasized the low cost of power generation as an advantage of nuclear power, but the government is aiming to make renewable energy the country's main energy source as part of its plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a goal that will be reflected in the basic energy plan to be revised this summer.

The estimated cost of generating nuclear power, which stood at least at 10.3 yen per kilowatt in 2015, has now risen by over 1 yen to at least 11.5 yen due to the implementation of measures required under the country's new nuclear safety rules.

Conversely, the cost of solar energy for commercial use is expected to fall from the 12.7-15.6 yen range as estimated in 2015 to the 8-11.5 yen range, while solar energy for residential use is expected to fall from the 12.5-16.4 yen range to the 9.5-14.5 yen range as the price of panels and related equipment fall amid increased adoption.

- Kyodo

2030年には太陽光発電が最も安くなると試算されました。  経済産業省は、2030年に発電所を新たに建設した場合を想定した電源ごとのコストを試算して公表しました。  原子力発電は安全対策費の上昇などから1キロワットアワーあたり「11円台後半以上」とされ、2015年の試算よりも高くなりました。  一方、大規模な太陽光は普及が加速し、「8円台後半から11円台後半」で一番安くなると試算されました。  今後、導入が期待される洋上風力は建設費がかかり「26円台前半」となっています。 - ANNnewsCH