Bunch of Japan grapes fetches 1.4 mil. yen, hits record for 3rd yr

Kyodo -- Jul 17
A bunch of high-end red grapes sold Friday in central Japan for 1.4 million yen ($12,700) in the season's first auction, up 100,000 yen from the year before and setting a record for the third straight year.

Hsieh Ming-ta, who runs Yumaowu, an upscale Japanese supermarket chain in Taiwan, bought the "Ruby Roman" grapes through a wholesaler in Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, where the variety was developed and is exclusively grown.

"I want to introduce Ruby Roman to the people of Taiwan. When you think about the (grape) producers' year of hard work, 1.4 million yen is cheap," Hsieh, 66, said.

For this season's first auction Friday, a record-high 253 bunches of Ruby Roman were shipped.

- Kyodo

その名も「ルビーロマン」。 高級ブドウに、過去最高額の値がついた。 石川県産の高級ブドウ「ルビーロマン」は、大粒で甘みが強いのが特徴。 2021年は天候に恵まれ、16日朝の初競りには、253房が並んだが、色や形が良く、重さ900グラム、特秀Gクラスの「ルビーロマン」は、過去最高額となる140万円で、台湾のスーパーを経営する企業が競り落とした。 - FNNプライムオンライン